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Decks are supposed to be a part of the exterior beauty of your homes – they’re a subject for first impressions, an extension of your chosen aesthetic, and a nice space for family and friends to hang out in. Not to mention that a well-maintained deck brings so much value out of your property.

Which definitely does not include chipped away coatings, cracks and peeling layers, discoloration, stuck soil and grime, broken pieces here and there, and everything looking worse and abandoned.

Which, let’s say, may be your problem right now. 

So, let’s cut to the chase: you need a fast and quality deck repair ASAP before it ruins your home’s image and worse – before your house deck starts crumbling down. You need to fix up broken boards and railings, clean up years-worth of dirt and grime, replace coatings, and all the deck maintenance it needs. You want nothing else but to revive the once-new, beautiful, and functional deck you had before. 

Thinking about it might sound like more of a hassle than excitement – who would want to spend the time and labor for a whole construction and repair all by themselves, anyway? Obviously not you, but if you’re somewhere in St. Louis, MO looking for a “deck repair near me” to do the job for you, then consider your problems solved.

Expert Deck Structural Repairs in St. Louis

One huge advantage of doing repairs for quite some time, is that we get to see, first hand, how things fail over time and develop procedures to prevent these things from happening in the future.   We also see plenty of catastrophic failures when it comes to home decking.  One of the main issues we see are deck stairs that are installed completely incorrectly.  Not only is this unsafe, but also can lead to further deterioration of the deck itself.

At St. Louis Deck Co. we specialize in structural repair.  Are the bottom of the vertical support posts starting to rot?  Are joists going bad?  All of these are signs that your deck needs attention.  Almost all decks are good for a re-decking and or handrail rework.  Also, the framing on the underside of your deck receives zero UV rays and is vertically set so water runs right off.  There is no sense in hauling it all of to a landfill.  Don’t overpay for a new installation when you can have the experts at St. Louis Deck Co. restore your current deck to its oringinal beauty and strength. 

Deck Restoration and Deck Repair in St. Louis

Top notch deck repair, maintenance, replacing boards and railings, sanding, painting – those are just some of the things that are right up St. Louis Deck Co.’s alley. We’ve worked with hundreds of St. Louis’s homeowners throughout our years of expertise, and we can say with full confidence that whatever projects big or small, how old or damaged your decks may be – we will dedicate our 100% efforts, standards, and customer service all to you. Pinky promise!

You don’t even have to think too hard! You can call us up to assess whether it needs a quick fix or a huge renovation, get some styling and design recommendations, choose from a variety of our services – name it! You can have peninsula-style decks, wooden boards of any kind, two-stories, or a simple sun deck that all needs repair and St. Louis Deck Co.’s services will be right there in a jiffy.

If you’re going to let someone else handle your valuable property, then why not go to the best, most reliable deck repair company in St. Louis? Why not go for a quick, yet quality result that will save you time and money in the long run? Why not call St. Louis Deck Co.?

For starters, St. Louis Deck Co. cares about your house deck. Seriously. We know how important it is to have the exterior of your homes well-kept and safe, without damages, and according to your aesthetic. It is your residential deck after all, so it’s natural that our work is centered around your standards and your utmost satisfaction. Need to replace a couple boards and railings? An easy fix. Having problems with how dull the surface of your deck looks like? We’ll give you recommendations. Need a huge reconstruction? Say the word.

What makes us stand out even more is our dedication to make sure we deliver our services with both quality and efficiency. As the best deck repair service, it’s only right for us to have the top deck repair contractors handle our projects, right? Our seasoned, in-house experts are trained and licensed to accommodate your choice of repair service with professionalism (they don’t bite though!). As soon as you make the call, you can count on them to quickly resolve your questions and arrive at your place on the dot to get the job done, with all their equipment on the ready. Simple! Pair that with our ever-expanding collection of products and equipment that have been hand-picked with quality and grade in mind – you’ve got the best results and experience guaranteed in no time!

A Full Line of Deck Restoration Services

If you’re worried about reputation and experience, then we’ll offer you that peace of mind right now: our team is fully licensed to accommodate even the most complex projects. You can view our vast portfolio to see the quality reflected on our craft, as well as what our long time clients have to say!

What can St. Louis Deck Co. offer to you?

As a long-running deck repair company in St. Louis, one of our forte (and in demand services, no doubt) in the business is residential deck repair, no questions asked. In a place like St. Louis, it’s no surprise if even the most luxurious house decks get damaged by the sun’s UV rays, weathering, and other accidents. Most often than not, you don’t even have to replace your entire deck from scratch! The wonders of repair will save you time and money, even more if you choose to work with us at St. Louis Deck Co. 

That’s why we offer different types of services – from simple fixes, remodeling, and even deck restoration – to meet your needs. At this point, we’ve repaired and restored a huge variety of decks, including wooden decks, vinyl decks, composite decks, multi-level decks, and rooftop decks.

Damages and weathering on any space outside your home is inevitable. If you need to patch up a couple of loose boards, detached nails, broken staircases and railings, and clean moldy surfaces, our most popular St. Louis deck repair is the perfect choice for you. Along with our maintenance services, you can keep your house decks in tip top shape without spending too much time or money. Luckily, St. Louis Deck Co. offers a cheap estimate depending on how difficult the fix is, and our experts assures full transparency when it comes to showing you the entire process of the repairs.

Meanwhile, if you leave the surfaces of your decks for too long, they’re bound to pale in color. Sooner or later, the want to completely change your house decks will pop up. So, why not? If you’re ever in need to remodel your old space or you want a new transformation in mind, St. Louis Deck Co. can offer recommendations for a reconstruction, where you’re free to choose from a catalog of our quality products and work with our exceptional team to achieve the look that you’re going for. Whether you’re looking for treated lumber or opting to change out to vinyl, it all goes down to your choice.

We also don’t forget about the usual paint chippings and discoloration – our re-painting, staining, and deck cleaning jobs are also part of our package – a little addition to the beauty and protection on the surface doesn’t hurt.

Call us about any defects and we’ll set your plans into motion. Don’t they all sound dandy? No matter the size of your deck, or how broken-down it looks right now, bring out all the necessary repairs and let your imagination go wild – St. Louis Deck Co. will make sure that you’ll end up with exactly the kind of house deck that you want in no time. 

Hire a Reliable Deck Repair Company in St. Louis

With the way you’re reading this now, hiring a deck repair company at this moment will surely lift a considerable weight off your shoulders. You either have a messy collection of broken wood, chipped off surfaces, or just everything about your house deck looking worse for wear. 

Now imagine this: a good-as-new, upkept house exterior that allows you to enjoy the outside view, with the peace of mind that everything is looking great and according to your desired look. And nice brownie points to your guest, no doubt.

All without lifting a finger (except for getting on that phone call).

It sounds too good to be true, but it’s something that St. Louis Deck Co. has been making a reality for the past years of service. From working with different homeowners in St. Louis, MO, we can say that our dedication to serving our clients with quality deck repairs is unparalleled within the area. You can be a part of the hundreds who have placed the care of their valued properties in our professional hands and left with more than their desired results and a great customer experience.

So, what else is there to say? You definitely do not want to keep your slowly deteriorating decks waiting and become more unbearable. Not when an entire package is laid out in front of you: the best deck repair company in St. Louis, the experienced teams ready to take the job, the quality results and the promise for a efficient work well done, hassle-free, with no other strings attached and all your problems solved. 

Sounds like exactly what you need? Don’t hesitate to call our number and get in touch with our experts. We provide accurate and free estimates on residential deck repairs, rebuilds, or if you just need a deep cleaning. Plus, our consultations are quick and will guide you all the way until you get that sweet new deck you’ve always dreamed of having.

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FAQs About Deck Repair and Restoration

Is it Cheaper to Repair or Replace a Deck?

In St. Louis, MO, whether it’s cheaper to repair or replace a deck depends on its condition, material costs, labor rates, and size. Minor repairs might be cost-effective if the structure is sound, considering St. Louis’s climate. However, extensive damage may necessitate a full replacement, especially for older decks. Material choice, affected by local weather, and labor costs, which vary, are significant factors. Local building codes and permits for replacements also add to costs. Generally, repairs are cheaper for decks with solid foundations, but for those with widespread damage, replacement could be more economical in the long run. Consulting with a St. Louis professional is advisable to get tailored advice and ensure your deck meets safety standards and enhances your home’s value.

Can Rotten Deck Boards be Repaired?

Rotten deck boards can often be repaired if the damage is localized and the rest of the deck structure, including joists and support beams, remains in good condition. The repair process typically involves removing the damaged boards and replacing them with new ones. For decks in areas with weather extremes, like in St. Louis, MO, choosing materials that withstand local climate conditions is crucial for the longevity of the repairs. However, if the rot is widespread or affects the deck’s structural integrity, a more comprehensive repair or full replacement might be necessary. It’s essential to address the underlying issues causing the rot, such as moisture penetration or inadequate ventilation, to prevent future damage. Consulting a local decking professional can provide guidance on the best approach for your specific situation and ensure that the repair meets local building codes and standards.

How Do I Know if My Deck Needs Replacing?

To determine if your deck needs replacing, look for signs of extensive damage such as widespread rot, structural weakness, loose railings, and significant wear. In St. Louis, MO, weather conditions can accelerate damage, making regular inspections crucial. If repairs are frequent or the deck no longer meets safety standards, replacement may be necessary. Consulting with a local professional can provide a thorough assessment and ensure compliance with building codes, helping you make an informed decision about whether to repair or replace your deck.

How Long Do Decks Last?

The lifespan of a deck depends on the materials used and the local climate. In St. Louis, MO, where weather conditions vary, a well-maintained wood deck can last about 15 to 20 years, while composite materials may last longer, up to 25-30 years. Regular maintenance, including cleaning, staining, and repairs, is crucial for maximizing a deck’s longevity. Factors such as exposure to moisture, sunlight, and the quality of the initial construction also play significant roles in how long a deck will last. Consulting with local professionals can help you understand the specific needs of your deck in St. Louis’s climate and ensure its longevity.