About St. Louis Deck Company

A perfectly maintained house deck is a great addition to your home. They’re one of the first things a person sees outside your property, and they’re also a great space for you and your friends to spend time together. In the long run, they deliver great value to your homes and a great return on investment. But do you know what’s better than a perfectly maintained house deck?

Having a perfectly maintained house deck without spending too much time and money. 

Because let’s face the truth of the matter: having that perfectly maintained deck isn’t as easy as it sounds. With all the outside factors that affect the surface and everything around it, they’re bound to end up with damages, chippings, dents, and – if you’re lucky – just dirt. Keeping it well-kept means replacing your wooden boards, hammering away those nails, replacing those discolored paint, and getting rid of dents and molds all by yourself. Which doesn’t sound motivating. At all.

Cue the wonders of knowing a deck repair company.

Think about someone offering a service where they do all the work of getting you not only a well-maintained house deck but also a chance to transform it into something you want – built with treated cedar? painted with pastel colors? rearranged and reconstructed? They’re the people to call. And if you’re living in St. Louis, MO, there are a handful of companies that are up and ready to rescue your deck.

Isn’t that a breath of relief? Before you go typing “deck repair near me” and randomly choose numbers, why not consider this: the best deck repair company in St. Louis. 

That’s us! St. Louis Deck Co. at your service.

St. Louis Deck Repair and Deck Restoration

We are the topnotch deck repair company in St. Louis with nothing else in mind other than to fix up St. Louis’ residential decks and get them well-maintained in the best possible customer experience. Our goal is to be a trusted source of quality deck repairs and restorations for clients big or small. Simple platforms, multi-levels, wooden, vinyl any kinds of house decks – we don’t discriminate! After all, St. Louis Deck Co. is counting years into the deck repair niche and at this point, we’ve handled every variation of damages and deck restoration out there.

And you might be thinking: “Why should we choose you?”

Because as a deck repair company, it’s normal for us to want to fix up every type of damaged residential deck according to the client’s wishes, right?

For St. Louis Deck Co., that’s barely touching the surface – because for one thing, we are not an ordinary deck repair St. Louis. We hold our craft at a high standard of quality and efficiency in every aspect – from our trained experts to the equipment and products that we handpick, and even to the step-by-step procedures of the repairs. By the end of our transactions, we guarantee that our customers will get nothing short of a good-looking, fully functional house deck that they’ve always wanted. 

Plus, we’ll give that to you in the most time-efficient, budget-friendly, and the most comfortable experience. Your deck, your standards.